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Cultural Dance Trends Episode 7 by World Dance Apparel

Written by Karol Moreno


Posted on October 19 2022

Hey after a long time, WDA again in front of you with a new exciting episode of dance trends blog series. In the last episode, we discussed cultural dance of all countries which name start from 'I' alphabet. Today, we'll discuss traditional dances and popular dance apparel of different countries which names start from 'J', 'K', and 'L' alphabets. Although this blog is not so long as the previous blogs but, it is going to be interested like others. So, without wasting any time, let's start.

Cultural Dance of Jamaica

Quadrille Dance

Quadrille Dance WDA

The Quadrille dance is considered as a cultural dance in Jamaica and Bahamas. In the Dominica, this dance known as 'Kwadril'. In the cultural dance episode 2 and 4, World Dance Apparel discussed about Quadrill dance and dance costumes used to perform this type of dances in detail. If you want, in fact you should explore our 2nd and 4th episodes. Find the links in the bottom.

Cultural Dance of Japan

Nihon-buyō Dance

Nihon-buyō Dance

Nihon-buyō developed from earlier dance traditions such as mai and odori, and developed in the early Edo period (1603-1867), through kabuki dances, often incorporating elements from the old dance genres. Nihon-buyō differs from other types of traditional Japanese dance in that it is a sophisticated style intended for entertainment on the public stage.

Cultural Dance of Jordan              

Dabke Dance

Dabke Dance WDA

Dabke is a Levantine Arabic folk dance. Dabke combines circle and line dancing and is widely practiced at weddings and other merry occasions. The line is formed from right to left and the dabke leader leads the line, alternating opposite the audience and the other dancers. In English it can be transliterated as dabka, dabki, dabkeh.

Cultural Dance of Korea               

Buchaechum Dance

Buchaechum Dance WDA

Buchaechum also known as fan dance is a Korean fan dance that evolved from several traditional and religious Korean dances. It is usually performed by groups of dancers. This dance is performed at many parties and events in Korea and has become famous all over the world.

The dancers use dancewear, with large fans painted with pink peonies to create different formations representing images such as birds, flowers, butterflies, dragons and waves. The dancers wear brightly colored traditional Korean hanbok.

Ganggangsullae Dance

Ganggangsullae Dance WDA

Ganggangsullae is an ancient Korean dance that was first used to bring in a bountiful harvest and has become a cultural symbol of Korea. It includes singing, dancing and acting and is performed exclusively by women.

The dance is mainly performed in the southwestern coastal province of Jeollanam-do. It is often associated with Chuseok and Daeboreum holidays. They dance all night and continue to play folk games in circles.

Cultural Dance of Kosovo            

Shota Dance

Shota Dance WDA

The Shota dance involves synchronized steps and a fixed rhythm. It is often played at weddings, folk festivals and other occasions. This dance is not only considered as cultural dance of Kosovo. The people of Albania also use this dance as their traditional dance. In the first episode of our dance series, we discussed in detail. You should read and link can be found in the end of this blog.

Cultural Dance of Kuwait             

Ardah Dance

Ardah Dance WDA

Ardah dance also present as a traditional dance of Bahrain. We talked about in the episode 2. It is a kind of group folk dance performed with two rows of men facing each other, each of whom may or may not use a sword or cane, accompanied by drums and spoken poetry.

Liwa Dance

Liwa Dance WDA

Similar to Ardah, Liwa dance also considered as a tradional dance of Bahrain. It is a Khaleeji traditional dance of the Gulf of African origin that is practiced in Eastern Arabia, mainly within the communities of descendants of the peoples of the Swahili Coast (Tanzania and Zanzibar). It is also performed by the Afro-Chedi community as well as the Baluchis of the Makran Coast and Karachi region.

Cultural Dance of Lebanon          

Dabke Dance

Dabke Dance WDA

Dabke is a Levantine Arabic folk dance. As in Jordan, it is a Lebanese cultural dance. All the details of this dance were covered above when we talked about Jordanian dance culture.

Cultural Dance of Liechtenstein

Liechtensteiner Polka Dance

Liechtensteiner Polka Dance WDA

Liechtensteiner Polka is a dance and a type of dance music originating in 19th-century Bohemia, now part of the Czech Republic. Although associated with Czech culture, the polka is popular throughout Europe and America. This dance is also practiced in the Bahamas. In the third episode of our series, we talked extensively about the polka when we showed the cultural dance of the Czech Republic.

Last Words

I hope as you liked our previous episode, you would like the 7th episode of World Dance Apparel blog series. If you miss any episode, you may find the link below. Just keep supporting us; we'll come with the next episode soon. Thanks for reading :)

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