What size should my dance shoes be?

What size should my dance heels be?

The answer? It depends. It really does, there are many variable factors that determine what size you should get. Are you ordering closed toe heels? Open toe? Strappy Latin Ballroom heels?  Whatever the case maybe, this is what I’ve found thus far.

Closed toe heels Again, there are many reasons why one should consider closed toe heels. I won’t elaborate too much but in short, they provide support and protect your toes from being stepped on. In general, for these type of heels, I order my regular shoes size. Unless they’re satin or leather; these materials tend to stretch so I order half a size down. If you’re foot sweats (like most dancers) then try to avoid shoes that are plastic or acrylic. 

I bought a pair of boots that looked like they were made of leather but were actually plastic and designed for dancing. I ordered my normal shoe size and took them out one night. As I was dancing, my foot kept slipping around the boot, causing my toes to hit the wall of the shoes which ended up bruising my nails. These shoes should be tight enough to feel support, with enough room for your toes to wiggle around. 

Open toe – With open toe heels, I try to order 1/2 a size down to a full size down. I want these to be as tight as possible because they WILL stretch. Remember my cute strappy heels I described in a separate article? The ones that were ruined in two weeks?! Okay yeah, they weren't proper dance shoes but the point I'm trying to make is that even dance shoes will stretch. 

You want these shoes to be at tight as possible, enough so you won't be able to move the shoe around your foot. Give it a week or two, the shoe will feel more comfortable and will be the ideal size for dancing. 

In general - You will find exceptions to the rule. Dancing has been increasing in popularity which has caused a demand for different styles of dance shoes. Dancers are now looking for shoes that are more stylish than practical, and there's nothing wrong with that! In general, the best sizes to order are described in this blog. 

Now, go out there a dance!

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