How to pick the best dance shoes!


 How do I pick the best dance heel/shoes?


Okay, breath, you have lots of questions but don’t worry, I’m here to help! Whether you’re new to dancing or have been dancing for a while but never thought of this question before, I’m here to assist in selecting your perfect dance heel! Choosing a proper heel is imperative to your growth. Having inadequate equipment could stunt your development with technique and advancement as a dancer!


Alright, now let me answer a question I get asked all the time. No, you’re regular heels/shoes WILL NOT work for dancing. I remember when I first started dancing I had a pair of really cute strappy heels that I would take when I would go social dancing. Guess how long they last me … 2 WEEKS! Regular heels or “street shoes” were not made to withstand that amount of pressure. I completely stretched out and ruined my babies. Not only did I ruin my heels but I could have twisted my ankles, they were not sturdy enough to provide the support I needed to do cross body leads, twists, turns and whatever else I was doing on the dance floor. I remember one night I saw this poor girl roll her ankle because she was wearing regular street pumps. Her partner turned her, she rolled her ankle and fell on the floor. Not only is that embarrassing but dangerous! Believe it or not, male dancers notice these things. I have a few friends who WILL NOT take out girls to dance because they do not have the proper heels. You may think this is excessive or snooty but it’s actually very responsible and considerate of him to do this. Why? Well, could you imagine if a dancer takes you out to dance and while he turns you, you twist an ankle? Not only will he feel terrible but it makes you both look bad.


On a separate occasion, I tried to get away with practicing in tennis shoes. Let me briefly explain myself …. My feet were SWOLLEN after they took a beating the night before. Anyway, I went to team training the next day where we were practicing turn drills and ruined my knees. I was out for a week and learned my lesson. My knees would have been fine if were we practicing shines or footwork but that day it was more intense and needed to be in heels that provided the right glide.

Moral of the story? Invest in proper training equipment!

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